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Suspension question

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I recently adjusted my suspension and thought I would try SR's #'s they have on the web. At first, it fixed my rear wheel "slide" and I thought I was back in heavan. Now last night was only the second ride since I had changed it...

My problem, the bike does not want to lean into corners, no matter how hard I push on the clipon. It slightly leans over, then from there, its almost impossible to steer the bike without hanging off like a spider monkey.

If anyone has any suggested settings for a 190LB 6'2" rider, I am willing to try them out, before I just go tweaking the hell out of it.

My question is, what part of the suspension is keeping it so upright, or where should I start?
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crammer1977 said:
Everything you ever want to know and probably didn't want to know concerning suspension - well work the money!

and he learned all he knows from paul thede....
extrakt0r said:
I have watched the SFM Video, and wasn't impressed...

In addition to that, it takes alot to watch it...and not fall asleep

Plus the dude in the video clears his throat every few minutes and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!! :boom :boom :boom :boom :boom
i agree.. you might learn something if you can stay awake long enough... hahaha
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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