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Suspension question

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I recently adjusted my suspension and thought I would try SR's #'s they have on the web. At first, it fixed my rear wheel "slide" and I thought I was back in heavan. Now last night was only the second ride since I had changed it...

My problem, the bike does not want to lean into corners, no matter how hard I push on the clipon. It slightly leans over, then from there, its almost impossible to steer the bike without hanging off like a spider monkey.

If anyone has any suggested settings for a 190LB 6'2" rider, I am willing to try them out, before I just go tweaking the hell out of it.

My question is, what part of the suspension is keeping it so upright, or where should I start?
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This is what I did...

front preload
3 lines showing (this may have been where I went wrong)

front rebound damping
7 clicks out

front comp. damping
9 clicks out

rear preload
position 8 of 9

rear rebound damping
21 clicks out

rear comp. damping
7 clicks out

These are numbers I got from sportrider, which at first I thought was good, till I took the bike to some moderate twisties, and realized I couldnt steer the bike. Your help is much appreciated, and yes, all stock suspension parts.
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Preload was like 4 lines showing up front, and rear preload was position 3 of 9 before.
Position 9 is all the way to stop, full stiff I suppose. When I had it before, my rear tire always felt like it was sliding out on me upon cornering.

Silly question, but is front preload the same as fork tube height above triple? Thanks again, Ive got to get this beast tweaked!

EDIT: changed "it" to rear preload ...
Actually, 5 turns clockwise.
Yeah, I will try that. So rebound and compression damping wont come much into play with this scenario? Ill focus on preload for now... thanks for your time man!
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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