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Ok, ya know what? That damn thing is givin me chills. Gah! it's wicked. Anywayz, if I don't buy an '02, then I'm thinking of finding a project bike ('98-01 R1). If I do, I'd like to steal your paint scheme, with subtle differences. Like a brighter orange (maybe yellow), and black instead of blue. Gah... your bike looks really good man. You suck! :D

Also, what tail do you have? Is that a stock '00-01 piece? hmm... I thought it was aftermarket, but the taillights...

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hehe thanks man! Damn right it's hot.. it is getting a lot of attention when I come to a bike gathering or like today.. I went to the beach and just stopped and got off the bike to walk around and see if I could find any :boobies .. sure did, but it was too hot (gear on) so I returned back and sure hell there were peepz standing around it and adoring it.. :cool:

Fired it up and did a smooth little power wheelie in 1st without revving it too damn much. probably looked good ;)

Regarding the tail light.. yes, it's the '00 model. Looks better.

This chick in Stockholm dig the hell out of my bike too.. she want to ride all the bike.. she even want to move into my place now during the summer months.. but I'm notsure if she like me or the bike.. :D

Here's a pic for ya
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