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hehe had to laugh at that one :lol It just shows Swedie is a sensitive guy !!! I think he can get many women with that approach....or get dumped on alot hehe j/k Swedie :yesnod

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I suck with women.. although I do have a tendency to make them smile.

Like yesterday, I was out practicing my balancing on the Mtb and I was sweating like a PIG for sure.. and while I was bent over (haha) to check my tire that were beginning to come loose from the rear rim due to all the wheeling a girl opens the door to the apartment building and she smiled.. and was sooo beautiful.. she looked me in the eyes and I said "humpg... not funnyyyy" haha... she just smiled and .. I melted ;)
had to look once again at her... she had these bright red jogging pants on..

ah never mind!

I love that teddy bear too :D
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