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My reason for doing this is the fender eliminator i had is situated so that the plate touches my mufflers, also I wanted to clean up the look of the rear. I removed the passenger pegs also. I think it looks ALOT cleaner.


This is where I plan to mount the plate.

Unbolted the aftermarket fender eliminator, top view.

This is what the fender eliminator looked like.


This is what I started with, 2ea. 4? x 12? x 1/16? thick SS sheetmetal. I used tin snips, sheet metal shears, and a hand grinder with cutting blade to cut/trim the sheetmetal.

I cut the sheet metal to match the length and width of the license plate. Then I used an old 1 gallon paint can and a ball peen hammer to shape the piece that the plate will be mounted on. Next I used the rounded piece to trace out a rough shape on the bracket piece.


This is the rear wheel/swing-arm with the nut removed on the side I want to mount the plate. I removed the nut to check what size to drill the hole.

Damn, my only 1? hole-saw and all the teeth were all rounded off, so I had to go to plan B.

Heres Plan B, a hand drill, & step drill to 1? Dia.

Heres how I SECURED  the bracket to my work table, I used a scrap 4x4 as a backing.

This is approximately how far from the rotor I?d like the bracket positioned.

This is the fit up for the bracket piece w/ the nut removed.


My old but RELIABLE 120A mig, for shielding, im using a co2/argon/02 mix called stainshield @ 20 psi, for wire, im running .023 dia, 308 SS wire. For power, DCEP power 2, speed 6.

This is the final fit up, all gaps are under .062. This is close enough for me to weld. I?m only planning on tacking the two brackets together with 2ea. 1/2" long beads.

Dont forget to ground the workpiece.

1st tack.

Tack welding on bracket.


I know the bracket sits in alot, i hop ei dont get pulled over for that.

You can also make the lic bracket like this.....

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nice but having gone through so many hassles with the cops here i just put the stock plate holder back on

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:dunno seems to be pointed down a bit to much. If you could get that thing pointed upwards a bit more you may be ok. Then again, I would pull you over thinking you didn't have a plate. Then giving you a fix it ticket after you pointed it out. But that's just me, and I'm not a cop.

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I like those alot...
And really like how you made one yourself....

However i have a Question,
i know its about the same distance out as your Pegs,
but its alot lower and tighter in the lean angle.
now lets say you Have to make a really tight low Right hand turn,
Is there a possibility of it Scraping the ground , and spinning out the rear causing you to Highside ?????????
This guy can even lean more, i feel like with that Plate holder he would be scraping already! (yes thats @ deals gap!)

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Makes your tail look nice...but you then you have this god awful side ways plate on your swing arm...visually unbalancing the rear end. That and the cops I know wouldn't let it fly.
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