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Anyone ever made a swingarm stand and have plans left over? My roomate needs a project for College and Im going to see If he will make me a swingarm stand. Anyone want to give me the dimentions of theirs? mabye some "good" quality images?
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I have a TBR stand that works really well. Although the little tabs that go under a square swingarm kinda suck. Needs to be retrofitted with the spool type V-notches. I can snap a couple of pics of it and measure the dimensions that you'd need to make one.

It's mostly just bent tubing, but it could be made outof solid round aluminum stock as well , (but I'd hate to have to acrry it around in the pits as it would weigh a shitload).

Email me if you want me to shoot some pics and measure it.


[email protected]:D
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