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tachometer (engine code) problem

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Hello everyone - this past weekend I installed Ivan's jet kit, a full Muzzy exhaust, and an undertail and integrator kit.

After starting the bike up, I noticed that the tach shoots to 7200 rpm back to 0 rpm then back to 7200. It does this off and on while the bike is running or if the key is just turned on. I talked to a mechanic at the dealership and he told me that it was a problem code in the engine.

Can someone please look this up if you have a manual for the bike? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! I would rather fix the problem myself than pay $65 an hour for someone at the dealership to fix it.

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EXUP Error code, it's in your owners manual. Just loop the exup servo motor and it'll be fine.
What do you mean by "looping" the motor? I took the whole damn thing off of the bike. OOOPS!!! Still have it though. Thanks for your help droog.:)
Looping means to connect the loose white wire to the black with red stripe wire down at the sevo plug . It is suppose to fix the code problem . It will do the code thing when you start the bike and fine after that . I just looked this up to do myself tonight . I just put my full Akro on a few minutes ago . Got to pull the carbs and drill the air screw plugs now .

You can also fix the problem and not get any codes by putting the exup servo motor back on the bike. I did this with my 98, just take the cables off the motor.:thumbup
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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