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Just received some new gear I ordered from STG. Before I begin this short review, I'd like to say that calling them on the phone proves to be incredibly useful. The person I talked to (Alf) gave me recommendations and advice on sizing for good products and I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with the items I've received.

The RS Taichi RSJ826

It's true what they say, RS Taichi jackets are not for the bigger boys. I'm tall, and a slim/fit build. 6'2" 178 LBS as of this morning. This jacket is a 54 Euro.

--Great fit, snug on the body, and 2 external snap locations on both sides for adjustment if needed.
--Even though it is a race-cut jacket, It did not force my body to do anything other than bend my arms slightly. It was comfortable for sure.
--The small race hump does not interfere with head movement. I put on my camelbak to be sure it also fit nicely, which it does.
--Tons of perforation, I could tell air moved through this jacket well, I had the wind stopping liner that came with it fits nicely and works great. I'd say anything below 50F you might want to wear something else underneath.
--Looks awesome as well, has reflective stitching, logo's on the arm are also reflective. RS Taichi offers plenty of different slight color schemes for your bike.

---One thing to note on sizing, you should wear pants that come up snugly around your hips with this jacket if you are taller.

The Bell Star helmet w/ Photochromatic shield

This helmet apparently runs a touch big on most. I was wearing a M in an HJC, and gave the guy at STG my head measurement and he recommended an S for this helmet. This is the previous generation of Bell Star, the new Bell Star is slated to be out this month or next month, but the price of this previous(or current, however you want to call it) was incredible so I took it.

--Great fit for me, this helmet as a S felt just like my M did when it was new.
--The D ring design w/ the magnetic strap holder is convenient, and easy to release.
--The lining is easy to remove if you want to wash it.
--The shield is also incredibly easy to remove and install.
--Plenty of ports to open for ventilation, if shut and shield down, air is kept out quite nicely.
--The breath stopper that rests just above my nose did a great job of keeping the shield from fogging when I rode home at night. The shield having an anti-fogging coating also helped.
--The photochromatic lens is incredible. It worked flawlessly, has a great anti-fogging coating, and I recommend it for any helmet if they make one for yours.

---I noted that even though I did not feel a lot of air entering the helmet at highway speeds with the vents shut and shield down, I heard a lot of wind noise. I didn't have the piece installed that rests under the chin, so that may have an effect. I'll try that later.

The Teknic Lightning in a black/white/red

--It costs under $100.00 USD, it has KNOX armor, Kevlar, good leather, and so far good stitching.
--Great color layouts
--Comfortable... After an hour of wearing indoors, then 3 hours of riding, I noted a little discomfort on the knuckles of my twisty hand, I figure that between 3 hours of riding and the gloves being new that would happen.
--Overall great fit, I have no real complaint about this glove, especially considering what you're getting for the price tag.

And finally, here's me wearing the gear. My brother took the pic, my eyes were closed, but this is all I have... Had to keep it considering theirs sunlight and that doesn't seem to happen very often in WA state.

Yes I am aware I'm wearing jeans, I'm also wearing more layers underneath them, and have boots and riding pants on order, don't hate, you all know you wear jeans for casual riding too! :bash
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