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Tank Wheelies!

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Alright guys, i have been riding bikes for about 4months now and i love to stunt(or try to). just upgraded to an r1 feb. 9th. and i can wheelie pretty good(my best was about 100 yards). haven't found the balance point yet cuz its seems so high up there. but i was thinking about trying to sit on my gas tank and wheelie. Is it harder or riskier? i sit on my gas tank all the time and just ride around thinkin i'm cool, but honestly should i wait till i can wheelie very well or should i just go ahead and try it.Kinda scared of fallin.well just thought i should ask the pro's first.

p.s. i haven't dropped my bikes yet so don't know what its like to fall.
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i would say get good at wheelies first. but once you get good do them and you will see that they are a little more easy than a sit down this is a vid when i put my shit tank on to stunt. it is a repost so ya'll that have seen it just keep your mouth shut...lol

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