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Tank Wheelies!

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Alright guys, i have been riding bikes for about 4months now and i love to stunt(or try to). just upgraded to an r1 feb. 9th. and i can wheelie pretty good(my best was about 100 yards). haven't found the balance point yet cuz its seems so high up there. but i was thinking about trying to sit on my gas tank and wheelie. Is it harder or riskier? i sit on my gas tank all the time and just ride around thinkin i'm cool, but honestly should i wait till i can wheelie very well or should i just go ahead and try it.Kinda scared of fallin.well just thought i should ask the pro's first.

p.s. i haven't dropped my bikes yet so don't know what its like to fall.
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If you have only been riding for 4 months and you have not got your wheelies down right I wouldn't recommend doing them. Wait until you get the feel of doing wheelies first. Don't just jump into doing stunts because you can get really hurt. This is just my opinion though. Be safe.
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