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Teknic suit any good?

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why is that suit so cheap is it any good?
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Solidus said:
Well , there are different levels of Teknic . I've personally crashed in both the gloves and a jacket and both came out like pearls. The jacket was white silver and black and the white part was faded off just a little. ( I slid on my back for a pretty good way. ). And the gloves are still wearable today. Granted I opted for the top line Speedstar level of Teknic. I had a pair of The low end prowler pants and the seams started to give and the crotch tended to bunch. But when I got the speedstar level I could'nt be more satisfied with them. Teknic is a brand I trust and would buy again. In all it's like Comparing the safety of a Geo metro to a Cadillac Seville. Both are made by GM but you pay extra for more.

Speedstar level stuff is quality anything below that is one time use.
vizsladog44 said:
Step away...The chicane is GOAT SKIN and will not hold up in a crash.Thats why its socheap.Look around For a FULL grain cowhide suit is possible.1.4 mm thick will dothe trick.

The Violator and Lightning jackets are cowhide, Chicane is goatskin.
I have a Violator and it is built very well, metal zippers, armor that stays in place and the cowhide is thick.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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