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Teknic suit any good?

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why is that suit so cheap is it any good?
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Not to bag on teknic but the quality is not there. Cheap is the word. I have used there gloves in the past and I believe they are of good quality (the carbon fiber knuckeled ones). I have seen many of my buddies crash in those jackets and the seams just rip apart. Basically its only good for one good crash and its done. You really can't go wrong with Alpinestars a very good reputation and quality is definately there. The way I think is if I crash at a 100mph I want to know that the gear I have on is the best quality in the world that will stand up to the aftermath. Saving a couple of bucks can't save you quality protection. I would rather spend the money where it insures my life. That is just my two cents.
try alpinestars, I personally wear Kushitani. Dainese, Spidi, Tai chi, and spyke. Alpinestars and spidi is cheaper but quality assured.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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