1. It’s been too long since you’ve attended an epic event.

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MotoGP fans are passionate. It’s a great time to mix it up with other fans, some of whom may be buddies you haven’t seen for years. So grab some friends and head to the MotoGP race at Circuit of The Americas (COTA), as it is an amazing venue to watch racing. Plus, there’s plenty of room to spread out.

2. COTA is one of the best motorsports venues in the world.

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Completed less than a decade ago, COTA is the newest, most modern and best-designed circuit in the world. In addition to MotoGP, it has also played host to Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar and so much more.
The track itself is as challenging and amazing as racing gets. It packs 20 turns into its 3.41-mile length, boasts a three-quarter-mile long straight and includes a tricky, dizzying turn one, which climbs and descends a 133-foot hill. Gulp.

Modern facilities mean just that, with excellent grandstand views, ample restroom facilities, and unbelievable food and beverage options. It’s the best of Southern hospitality crossed with state-of-the-art motorsports fun.

3. There’s a screaming deal for our military, veterans and first responders

Because veterans and first responders give so much, MotoGP is giving back with a special “Troops on Track” price of just $59+ for three days. Current and former military, first responders and law enforcement are eligible for this special ticket offer.

4. Austin is Alright, Alright, Alright.

Austin is an amazing place. It has world-class dining, with everything from tacos to barbecue to … tacos stuffed with barbecue and everything else you can imagine—scroll through this Eater.com page and if you’re not drooling halfway through you may be dead inside.

For some of us, the great food is enough, but Austin’s cultural attractions are sensory overload as well. Here’s a To-Do list to cross off while you’re here for the race: check out a concert (Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World), pose with the famous Willy Nelson statue, hit up a whiskey bar, jog around the beautiful Lady Bird Lake, shop on South Congress Ave, take a photo of the iconic “I Love You So Much” street art, and eat as much queso as humanly possible.

5. YOU can be a VIP, even if you’re simply an IP or a regular ol’ P

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For a reasonable rate, you can take advantage of a VIP package deal that gives you access to world-class hospitality, with inclusive dining and an open bar, premium grandstand seating, big-screen TV views of the action, WiFi, air conditioning and more. You had us at open bar and air conditioning. Check out VIP ticketing options here.

6. Because you’ll create memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

WOAH. What other word properly describes a full MotoGP grid—with over 5,500 horsepower pouring out of 24 racers who are sliding, screaming and smoking two, three and four abreast into turn one? With neck-and neck action, razor-close passing and scorching top-gear straightaway runs exceeding 210 mph, this race is the very definition of mind-blowing.

7. Glamping

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Did you know COTA has a world-class RV park? Now you do! So drive or rent a rig and park it right next to the action. The premium RV park includes a pool, a general store, important amenities like laundry facilities and most importantly, an elevated viewing platform to watch the fastest sport on two wheels. Check out ticketing options here.

8. It’s not just racing…

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It’s MotoGP racing. This is the very pinnacle of motorcycle racing, the two-wheel equivalent of Formula 1 auto racing. There are no production motorcycles here—each one of the bikes you’ll see is a hand-built prototype that will never be seen with lights and a license plate. The level of technology, sometimes super-secret, is incredible: some of it is so advanced and pricey it takes 10 or 20 years to make it to production motorcycles. These bikes make as much as 270 horsepower (on a 346-pound motorcycle!). And you get to watch them controlled by the fastest racers in the world swapping positions over and over in the course of a 20-lap race. What’s not to like? Get your tickets here.

9. Motorcycles park free!

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That’s right, if you ride in, your ticket price covers parking as well. On top of that, there’s complimentary gear-check as well—no sitting on your helmet in the grass for you!

10. The Doctor’s last rodeo in Austin.

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A final note: this is the final season for arguably the greatest MotoGP rider of all time: Valentino Rossi. He’s the only racer in history to win world championships at every level of Grand Prix racing; 125, 250, 500 and MotoGP, with 235 podium finishes and a top-three season finish in 18 of the 26 seasons he competed—a remarkably long career. Call him what you will – The Doctor, The Man, or the G.O.A.T, just make sure you’re able to tell your grandkids that you witnessed Vale’s last MotoGP race in the US.

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