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My most embarrassing moment was on the 04 R6 I used to own.

This was only around 400 miles when i did it so i was quite new to it plus it was my first bike.

I didnt want my bike parked in my apartment complex parking lot so late one night i got on it, no gear, just to ride it about 150 feet down to the handicap ramp to put it on the side walk to put it on my back patio. Well I had to go down farther since that one was blocked.

Made it up onto the sidewalk and started to go about 25. Well someone was moving in so their uhaul and ramp were sticking out over the sidewalk. Without giving it a thought i went into the grass to go around and the damn dewy grass made the bike just washout. Nothing happend to the bike whilst it slide for a few yards except the front signal came out. My friends heard me leave and heard the bike cutoff. They came running and started to laugh at me because of what i did. Felt like a jackass. I walked it the rest of the way cause that night i didnt deserve to sit on her.

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