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yellowducking said:
My local gym has a very popular aerobic class during lunch. It is always packed, with mostly girls who give the right reasons to why g-string should be seen through tights. Part of the reason why the class is so popular too is the view. The front of the class is an all-glass wall looking out to the parking lot. There is a special spot reserved for motorcycle and it just happens to be right next to this all-glass wall.

Now, I don't have the coordination nor the val/bigpopper's grace to do those fancy aerobic moves; so I just go to the gym to hit the weights. Though most of the girls in the class recognize my face since I ride my bike everyday and park it right in front of their view.

Few weeks ago, I finally decided to put on the steering-damper on my F3. It was getting dark and I was too lazy to take the bike out to test the install. I figured I did the same install on the R1 and so, what can go wrong ?

Anticipating that the weather might get worse, I took the F3 instead of the R1 yesterday. As usual, I rode up to the gym and make a sharp left turn to enter the parking spot in front of the aerobic class. Only this time the wheel would not turn back after the sharp left. I tried to push it, but it just stuck (the fcking steering-damper was set to the higher setting).


I put my leg down to stop the bike from being dropped. But it was too late. "FLOP".... the bike went down on its side. Of course, this happened when all of the chics were doing their things in the class. The whole class stopped and everyone ran to the glass wall looking at me. Worse yet, my leg was stuck underneath the bike. Minutes seemed like an eternity until I was able to free myself and stand the bike back up.

Damn...there is nothing more embarrassing then dropping your bike (while it is almost at a stand-still) in front of hot-looking chics. I got on the bike and just rode back to work. I guess I will need to change gym now. Finally gathered the nerve to write this up.

Anyone dropped their bike in front of an audience ?

:D :D :D
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