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I recently did almost the exact same thing, but instead of a sharp left turn, mine was a sharp right. I accidentally tapped my front brake while doing a real tight right, before i knew it the r1 was down. The area that motorcycles park @ the base is just infront of the gate guard right before the flightline, so EVERYBODY walks right past it. I was real lucky that only 3 people saw me, including the gate guard. I was soo embarrased. Luckily my clutch slider saved ALL of it, no damage @ all, except a light scratch on the bottom of the slider.
Well atleast you had an excuse Yellowducking (your steering-damper). I didn't. hahaha I find myself laughing once in a while about that, but in the back of my head, it's not funny when it really happens, especially to you. hahaha.
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