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1. Blue Streak 2000 Blue r1
2. Gar 1 2001 Blue r1
3. Kathleen 2001 r1 - soon???
4. Solo r1
5. Hyper1 2002 Silver
6. Jalle 1999 Blue r1
7. 1stR1 2001 Blue r1
8. 1str1's friend 2001 Blue r1
9. sgpracer 1999 Blue r1
10. Twisted Logic 2001 r1 (custom paint)
11. Rhyan1201 2000 Blue r1
12. Swedie 1998 r1 (custom paint)
13. R1_abuser 2001 red r1
14. R14ME2 2001 Blue r1
15. Champion r1 2001 Champion blue r1
16. Y2KRedr1 2000 red r1
17. Droog 2000 red r1
18. RossM 1999 red r1
19. Samm 2001 Blue r1
20. Canuck 2000 Blue r1
21 Rus 1998 Blue r1
22. PB1 1999 Blue r1
23. Thottle-cntrl 2000 Red r1 (the slower ones)
24. LTD1Rydrer 2001 Champion blue r1

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Lets see, I'm going to stick a couple more on here, although I don't think they did the poll or maybe didn't see it, so it might not be legal. :p
red-one has a 2001 R1. Red, of course. :)
Mattias just bought an R1.
I'm buying mine in Feb.
Okay. Brain dead. Can't think of anymore right now.

Steeringdamper?? I´m strong...
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I´ve got a -99 R1 not a -00. It´s very import that this is
correct if any of you got a urgent need to give me a Akrapovic full system, Attack rearset or a fueltank for christmas.
Maybe these things will fit both -99 and -00, but now you know!

:D :D :D :D :D

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hehe! That's a few!

We gotta find all the other R1 owners on the net and gather them here :)

If you're browsing on other boards.. put R1-Forum.com into your signature with a click-able link. That should do that job. And put something catchy like "For Us great R1 owners that spank Gixxers" .. or something like that ;)

Winter SUCKS where is the sun?
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Hi everybody!
Add me to that list!
I'm new to this cool forum but I have a
MY99 blue(of course) R1

Swedish :machinegu vinter sucks!!
Where is the SUN??

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Welcome to ya PB1 :blah

Looks like global warming as took the first part out Swedish winter.. the rest of Europe has normal weather though. Oddish Swedes :D
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