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hi there,
i was wandering in the internet trying to find some
info on a modification.
I would really like to have your expertize on my
What i'd like to do is to change the tail of the
Yamaha R1 2004 and replace it with the fantastic tail (and that space-shaped light)
of the previous model the R1 2002-03.
Is such a modification possible??
What do you think?And if yes, what would i need to do?
Anyway, i hope someone can answer
Thanks in advance.

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I don't see how, not without serious modification, as the subframes are different, the battery tray/undertail are different, and the 03 tail is not designed to accomodate the undertail exhaust. So, the reasonable answer is no, it's not going to happen.

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I do alot of mods to bikes and I agree with Eyespy, but if you still want to try, my suggestion is to get a 02-03 tail and see if it fits over the subframe. After you do that you should have a better idea on how much mods you will have to do. Anything is possible but it will take alot of work. Good luck!!! Peace and run from the police!!!

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If you really want it done and have money to put towards the project, call some of the aftermarket manufactures of undertails and see if they would be interested in such a project for just you or as a production item.
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