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The wierdest thing happened!!!

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So I was droppin the battery in the bike today(which is a whole nother story)and I am gettin ready to take it out for a little scoot.I let the bike warm up sling my leg over,put the kickstand up,pull in the clutch and kick in to first gear.BOOM it lunges forward,so I put it in neutral and the same thing happens:dunno
Mind you I had the clutch in the whole time,after bout 4-5 times of this it stopped and I went riding.It was the first ride this year.
What the sh*t happened???Was the clutch frozen??Is that possible any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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the clutches were froze.. mine did this a week before bike week.. cured it by warming it up changed the oil rewarmed it up put on a stand put in gear and the clutches let loose..
I took it out today and man did it feel good after not riding it for months.So I should not experience this anymore hopefully.I only have 35 miles on the bike,should I change the oil now or wait for 500 miles????
Thanks again
i would say if its been sitting all winter to change it the reason i say this is because there could be water in the oil from sitting all winter ie condinsation.. i could be wrong but just to be safe change the oil.. what can it hurt..
If the bike sat a long time, the clutch plates dried out (this is why you soak a new clutch in oil before installing it) and needed some time to rewet themselves, usually *five minutes or so*

Your ok, enjoy.
Thanks fellas,
I think I will change my oil just to be safe.I was runnin Mobil 1 synthetic in my gixxer but I switched to that at 4500 mile.What kind of regular oil should I use???
only 35 miles on a 02?? leave your oil in there and save your$$
if there is any water (condensation) it will all burn off (evaporate)
on your first long ride ,get it nice and hot....my 03 did that this year.
to be truthful the bike will lunge a little when you drop down to first
gear its normal ..try starting it with it in 1st already and clutch pulled in..
to be truthful the bike will lunge a little when you drop down to first
No ,Dude I know that,But it was like I did not even have the clutch pulled in at all and kicked it into first!!!It jumped and I started it in first and it still lunged.So from what I gather,(THANX GUYS!)the plates were dry/froze.So thats what I'm goin with.Hopefully no more problems and the next ride I take will be at least be 50-100 miles,so I hope I will burn any left condensation.
This forum is the BEST:rock
Actually, if you have only 35 miles on the bike...leave the oil in. From the factory, oil that is put in is not the same shit riders put in. Tis designed to gather all the grap the engine wears off walls and things....or at least I'm told by several mechanics.
Eh...well in order to not have this thread become a bitching fest....I'll be the first to say it.....

We all have heard our own things, I for one will leave original oil in for at least 600 miles...others may drop it sooner...for your clutch problem...do what you wish...yyou know the problem, and several ideas for a fix. What you do will work the best fo ryou. :) No flaming needed or wanted.

I wish the best for you and an easy fix.
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