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Hi all.

This thread is for those who ask the eternal question - "How about R1 as my first bike?".
The question comes in several variations, and I tried to find the relevant threads to answer these variations of the question.

This is a collection of the best threads on the subject, presenting different opinions. I hope it'll save a lot of time and unnecessary questions.

Interesting discussions:
Who started out on an r1
new bike
R1 as a first bike?'

If you're thinking about buying an R1 and have no prior experience with bikes, these threads are for you to read carefully:
!st bike
Newbie with a few 2004 R1 questions
Few R1 questions (newbie)
My R1 First Bike Story… long, but please read
Girlfriend wants R1
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New Guy!
Is the R1 a good choice for a first bike?
I'm going to get a 04 R1 for my first bike that i can actually take on the street!
First bike recommendations ? R6...R1 ?
1st Bike...

If you're thinking about buying an R1 and have some dirt/other background, these threads might answer your questions:
New to R1s; Need advice on First Bike
Should I buy a new R1
My first R1 (first Liter Bike)

I hope the information will prove useful.
Get a dirt bike so your body can learn and have muscle memory for throttle and counter body action when ass steps out and other scenarios . If you look at all the best riders and race car drivers most champions come a dirt or off road background .
2521 - 2525 of 2525 Posts