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Skeeter said:
you'll see that everyday here in Florida. Not only the cruiser
guys, but the sportbikers too. They all look at me like I'm stupid
with my gear on. Statistics show more accidents happen while
making that short run to the store or around the block.
Yeah, I saw a bunch of those guys today. For some reason they all seem to spring for the short, golf-glove looking hand condoms, but they don't wear jackets, riding pants or boots!!! What the hell is a golf glove gonna do for them?

I think a lot of these idiots finance the bike for $250/mo but can't find the extra scratch to buy a jacket, boots, and pants.

I just won't ride with them, simple as that. No way I want to spend time scraping them off the tarmac. :cryin
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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