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Hey all, I have been floating around here for near ten years and was hoping for advice as you are an honest bunch.. maybe too much sometimes haha

A few weeks back I purchased mcsales.com.au as I really think there is a lot of room in the market for a new online classifieds site. I have cleaned it up and done a rebuild but I am trying to think or great marketing ideas or how to get the name out there. Anyone have suggestions that don't involve TV and half a million dollars? :)


Venom X/O
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First I'd talk to a forum moderator about being able to bring up your website. It's their discretion on thread content, so I'd make sure it was ok with them first.

Bourbon is my blood
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Good luck on your new venture Craig. :thumbup
What state are you based in? You might want to look into radio ads. :dunno
As stated above send a PM to KMac or SpidermanSS.
The site looks good and is easy to use congrats mate. :flex:
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