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tick tick tick...F*CK THIS THING!

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alright, ive had it, im fed up i can take it no longer. this ticking is driving me up a damn wall...and why? because this 10000 dollar bike sounds like a piece of shit. people at the light look at me funny. now i KNOW what all yall are going to say..so please contain yourselves. im about to make a point.

*note* do yall's bikes tick at idle, or all the time? mine gets a lil louder with rpm, seems to be the ugliest at 4-6000 rpm, i guess after that my pipe hides the sound.

i build race motors for a living, i have heard every god awful valvetrain out there. this is not a happy sound the bike is making, but it is definately a valve train noise. it has gotten louder in the past 400 miles {3500 now, 3100 when i bought it} has anyone ever really figured out why they tick? this so called "follower" is the bucket the sits on top of the valve lash adjusting shim. where the f*ck is tapping against to make this noise. is the bucket sticking to the cam and being pulled off the shim then slammed back down? is it the wrong size for the hole it is in? excessive "skirt" clearence if you will. help me out here someone, anyone. no i wont ignore it, and you should NOT advise people to ignore this sound. not everyone can tell the diff between motor noises. anyhow back to my pos....
anyhow this noise sounds suspicously like cam chain noise to me...do these things tend to break chain tensioners? do the chains need to be adjusted or is it automatic? any ideas here? PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE SOMEONE HELP ME! if it cant be fixed, im gonna sell it and get a busa...
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most people will tell you don't worry about it...
but i dont like it either, i think it sounds like junk:finger
mine gets worse as you get it hotter. i't's probably the oil getting thinner, increasing the lash on whatever gremlin is rocking back and forth.
i am going to try the dealer one more time before my warranty runs out:fact
if they wont fix it, i'll get one of the local drag bike engine builders to have a go at it:thumbup
good luck with your's!
thats the only thing i hate about my r1. i think they sound like pieces of junk. mine ticks and it embarrases me. it sounds like it is ready to spit a valve out. NO MORE YAMAHA'S for me:finger
yep, you are right LUV2RIDE. the hotter you get the engine the louder it gets. i am going to try some thicker oil. you wont get any satisfaction from yamaha either:(
i tried!!!!! good luck dude:thumbup
thanks cerberus, but this noise only gets worse as the engine heats up. it is definitely coming from the top of the engine.
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