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Tire Suggestions

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I've read a lot of the old threads re upgrading the stock 208's but most replys are from people with little to no real on-track experience or they've only used one other brand so they have nothing to compare things to except stock.

I started doing track days last Dec and am completely addicted. I'm no Rossi, but I am getting better with each meet and have just about fried the stock 208's.

I still do some street riding (~30-40%) but for the most part I'm on the track. What's a good upgrade? So far I'm leaning towards the Diablo Corsas and dropping to a 180/55 in the rear. Good price plus people tell me they offer better grip and heat up quicker than the 208's. True?

I figured people in this section might be able to offer better advice from direct experience on the track.

Also - if it matters - I'm in Phoenix. Temps here are pushing 95-100 lately. I'm sure that affects some tires differently... I'd hate to go from sticky to greasy in a few laps come June / July.
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It depends on how hard you are pushing the tires. I prefer SuperCorsas SC1 Front and 190/55 SC2 rear, and the Pirelli Dragon slicks, also SC1 front and 190/55 SC2 rear. That is on my 00 track bike. Tracks are mainly Willow Springs and SOW, temps from the 20s/30s to well into the 100s. But the 04 is my street bike that I am also doing some track days on, and I have to say, I was MORE than a little impressed with the performance of the new Dunlop 218s they come fitted with. Stick great, and look like they will be very good mileage-wise also.
Very cool! I imagine the SC2 helps keep the back tire hooked up. Do you understeer slightly in the corners or is it pretty well balanced? This is a good example of diff setups for diff riding styles. I'm not consistent enough yet to have a "style" aside from trying to keep the paint off the track :crash
Go with the Corsas as a Track Day/ Street Tire. You dont need super corsas unless your racing...even then I'll still race the diablo corsas. THey are a great tire, I run a 180 in the rear too.
Thanks for all the help guys! I went into the dealer planning on getting the Diablo Corsas - nice comprimise between $$$ & how I'll use them. Turns out they had a set of Michelin H2's - $250 for the set so I took 'em ! From what I've heard they're a step up from the Corsas. Getting them installed right now so I can put some miles on before trackday on the 18th .
Just thought I'd post a little follow up. Did the track day last Sunday and loved the H2's. Mind you, I'm no expert, but they seemed to heat up quickly - I had more confidence with them after 1 lap than I did the stock 208's. Some of that is probably in my head.

Going to the 180/55 in the rear made a difference too. There's 2 sections of the track where you have to transition rather quickly from right to left at decent speeds and angles. Seemed to get over quicker with less effort.

Despite the temps in the mid / high 80's I never felt like the tires were going away. Just a little loose when I went in too fast or got on the throttle a little too hard. Ran 8 15min sessions :thumbup
Sweet, sounds like good times:thumbup
I concur, though I have to say I personally didn't like the Michelins as much :thumbup
used to use the early michelin pilot race. great treaded track tyre.:thumbup
AZScorpion said:
Very cool! I imagine the SC2 helps keep the back tire hooked up. Do you understeer slightly in the corners or is it pretty well balanced? This is a good example of diff setups for diff riding styles. I'm not consistent enough yet to have a "style" aside from trying to keep the paint off the track :crash
No understeer, the SC1 is a softer, stickier compound and that's what I use in the front, the SC2 in the back is a "medium" compound (medium being relative).

I can get the back to slide around comfortably, but one time while I was at WSIR big track, we had a train of 4 or 5 running through T2 which is a long fast right hand turn. We were railing through there, and I was at the tires adhesion limits (SC1 SC2). Just a wee lil bit more throttle, and the front and back slid. Bars got that really "light" feeling that I hate LOL, but the tires smoothly regained traction after ever so slightly reducing the throttle, almost imperceptibly. Finished up that session and we all came in, guy behind me was on a Gixxer 1000 and was like, "dude, that was awesome". I was a little more like :eek: inside. Haven't intentionally tried that again, but I'm trying to build up enough courage to give it another go. First, I have to clear up some health insurance coverage issues though :confused: :lol
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LOL - yeah - gotta hate the reality of health insc. Hopefully your tracks out there have a lot of run off if you're throwing it into 2-wheel drift like that. That has to be an awesome feeling. Disconcerting, but addictive once you learn to induce & control it. Good job! :thumbup

Imagine what those MotoGP guys do. :eek: I think it would be fun to follow one for a few laps. Reality is I wouldn't see him past the first curve! :lol
There's a guy on EBAY under the alias of D208racer... I just bought some barely used 208 GP"A"s (These are DOT race tires, and not the worthless OEM 208s) from him for $142 shipped.

Used them last weekend at Jennings GP. He stated that the tires only had around 13 laps on them.

Based on the performance of the takeoffs (Which was fantastic!) I'd say that all 13 laps were in one session, I.e. one heat cycle.

I will definitely use this guy again. It cost me $20 at the track to have the takeoffs mounted/balanced by the local tire vendor, so I spent a total of $162 on a pre-scrubbed set of quality tires. I just went out there and started railing on them. Got into the 1:26s, and may have even pulled a 1:25, but the transmitter was off!

USE THIS GUY! You cannot beat that price especially when you are still new to the track thing. He has excellent feedback as well, 100% positive.

He has a rating system for his tires, make sure you figure out how he rates them before you bid, but "Cherry" or "Sweet" means that there is a lot of life left in them. I think I bought the "Cherry" set.

Below is an email thread I started with him saying how happy I was with the transaction:


I am glad you are happy with the product. As you can see I take the time to photograph the tires so YOU can see what you are getting. I hate reading someones auction discription only to find things are different in their mind than in mine when I recieve the item. Pictures tell the whole story.

Feel free to use me again. Tell your friends!

As for other products, I mostly sell Dunlop product. That is all I broker.
Frankly if you knew what I know about other products (First hand) you
would stick with Dunlop. Ever ask yourself why Dunlop gets beat up in the
press so much? It's because they ARE the leader and the others work hard to discredit Dunlop in the press. You can't argue with All those National Superbike and Supersport CHAMPIONSHIPS. Ok, I'm off my soapbox. :)

Have fun riding track days and check my auctions early.

If you want to buy again, just place a bid on any of my auctions, then email me with the auction number and ask me to end it early. I'll do it for returning customers. Resulting in you getting the tires for the opening bid. this a my return customer discount.



>I used the tires this weekend at Jennings GP. They were great,
>practically new! I will use you in the future, and I recommended you to
>a bunch of people there.
>How often do you get other brands of DOT race tires? Pirelli?
>Thanks again,
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