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I ride a zx-10.
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Ok we are all aware of the '04/'05 sticky clutch issue. I'm experiencing this. I called the dealer, since its just about due for its 600 mile service. I know the solution to the problem, but figured I would bring it up anyway just for shits and giggles and see what he says. I completely expected him to deny the problem. He didnt, in fact he admitted that heard of the problem and the solution. After talking to to him, he said that in the '06 they updated the clutch basket a lil bit to include some oil resevoirs. He said he was call Yamaha and see if they would be willing to swap out my '05 basket with an '06 basket. Its almost ready for its 600 mile service. Since the problem and solution is known should I....

a) Say **** the '06, just take my clutch plates out, degrease them and soak them in oil while you do the rest of the service.

b)Say ok sounds good, do the service see if that solves the problem and wait to hear back about what Yamaha says..

c)document the issue with Yamaha Cust Serv, and ride the balls off of it and see if the problem resolves iteself?

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