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Just a quick brief for anyone needing to test tps so once you have unplugged the tps from your carburettor here’s the contacts you need to do test 1 I set my tester to 20k ohms and place the connectors as shown positive to where the blue wire will go and negative to blue and black you should get a reading in between 4-6k ohms mine threw out 6.7 a little over which made me think hmm maybe ok until I did the next check putting the positive onto where the yellow wire connects the middle one and negative onto blue/black wire here you are measuring the resistance while turning the throttle if they are still attached to the bike or turning with a screw driver you should get a nice smooth reading from 1-5k ohms I have a new one which I tested on the bike and I can say it’s definitely smooth from 1-5k ohms increasing and decreasing.here’s a video of my other broken one which wasn’t to far out of spec on test 1 but here you can see the readings jumping all over the place and half way through the throttle it just packs in but back off a little and it will start jumping around again a major sign this was kaput 👍🏻🍺


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