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Trackday at Willow tomorrow

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:butt Headed to Willow Springs, WSIR tomorrow. Anybody else gonna be there? Look us up.
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It'll be running the following Mon. 29th also:thumbup
HAve a great time. We resume our regular MTC track day schedule the day after, starting on Tuesday. Going to put the track bike and the 04 out on the track at SOW.
BTW, the next SOW $99 track day is on April 3rd. The Spring MTC track day schedule at WSIR and SOW is posted in the track day forum, maybe I'll see you there some time.
someone say MTC? you know shawn? does he still have his aprillia?

Got home this evening. Everything in one piece:thumbup A bunch of crashes. Nobody hurt, but they called a second riders meeting to see what was up? I managed to lap 1:37 pretty consistantly, which didn't seem bad for my first day. Good times :beer
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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