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Transmission Problems

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Hey guys, Ive alwasy heard of R1's being notorious for transmission problems. With that said. Over the weekend i was out riding..... when all of a sudden im at a red light in neutral. The light turns green and i shift into first and relase the clutch and give it throttle as you would normally and nothing happend! the bike did nothing. It shifts thru gears and makes the sound it should and the neutral light comes on and off like it should but the bike goes no where when i disengage the clutch. So in other words i am at a complete stop in gear with the bike on and the clutch disengaged and nothing happends. no stallin no movement, nothing!!! does any one know what this can be and is this coverd under warranty with the dealer. Another thing if the bike has been down even tho i went down at 15 mph thanks to one of miamis' stupid drivers does that void the warranty. ive only had my bike since july 2007 and it has 3800 miles. Its had all its maintinence done at the dealer on time and was running perfect even after it went down. the only damage to the bike was cosmetic. Please help!!!! thanks.......
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Does the clutch lever still have the normal resistance when you pull it in? I would suspect a clutch problem rather than gearbox. May even only be a problem with cable fittings/adjustment.
Whats funny was when i pulled to the side i saw the clutch cable came off the swivel piece by the crankcase cover. So between me and my buddy that i was ridding with we pulled the bike onto the sidewalk and put it back on thinking somehow that it popped off but once we put it on it still had the same problem. The clutch resistance still feels the same too. Should this be covered under warranty??
It sounds like your clutch isn't engaging for some reason. Look at it a little closer and make sure something else didnt get bent or broke when u went down.
Did you solve this issue? Mine just did the same
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