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Hello I bought a 08 R1 with 50K on it in June. The previous owner did a full check up on it in December where the battery was replaced and a number of other minor maintenance things. I've put about 3K on it commuting back and forth to work and going down to TJ from San Diego so far.

Issue: When riding for any amount of time and the temp is 200 or higher on the gauge if I stop the bike or kill it(happening pretty frequently as I still get used to the clutch and throttle on this thing) when it goes to start it really struggles and I loss power briefly and after 3-4 seconds it does start. It is very consistently doing this when its hot. Also it does not do this if I go for ride stop somewhere to eat for 30-60 minutes and then start the bike up and the temp is like 150 on the gauge. note: cold starting it cranks real hard and starts without issue everytime. I'm concerned one times its not going to start when it does this and I'm going to get stuck somewhere.
I'll try and get a video when i head home today as well so you can see exactly what its doing.
Troubleshooting: none so far going to check voltage this weekend on the battery. Looking for suggestions of what else to check.
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