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TUESDAY!!!!! Where we goin???

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Well...27 degrees,day off work..plain and simple,where we riding kiddies??

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dunno bout you fella's but i'm off to the island......:riding :hellobye

have a safe one :thumbup
fc2k said:
God I wish I was going down with you :(


it's not too late,i think,i booked on friday night,give em a ring tomorrow and you should be able to get in....unless you have other plans that is.:dunno
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
Just had a look Pete,a few spots left in Slow-Medium..what you trying to say:cryin


hehehe..i'm going on the 1st,the Tuesday mate,there's 3 left in the fast and the other three groups are filling fast,so i reckon there'd be a few spots left still......:fact

I booked online Friday night and there was 3 spots left then so i'm not sure if my booking has been processed yet.:dunno

i'll be sure and give em a buzz tomorrow so i don't rock up at the island for nuthin....:eek:
blur1 said:

hey that's one sweet lookin lid there Greg.

they'd prolly be asking a friggen shit load for that one.

do ya reckon it'd go with my black,silver and grey leathers,red boots and gloves and red bike?...shhh don't tell the fashion police :eek:

oh and there's nothing wrong with my hearing.:crash
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
On the link you put up Pete,said only spots were 3 in slow-med,and a few in slow...

You're looking at Monday 31st Oct Pete,i'm going on the Tuesday 1st Nov...:fact

Oh and did you say you were doing the 16 Dec rideday mate?

Greg what about you,will you doing the 16 Dec on the new bike?
blur1 said:
or this one...

YUK! :ugh the GO!!!!! lid shits all over that one.....:fact
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
If its the same price as current Arai Corsair's it'll be $1,050:thumbup

As you know though Pete,not as quiet as your AGV lid(I couldnt believe the difference when I borrowed the loan Ti Tech lid from work-theyre so quiet)

Yeah mate the wrap around visor without the ear clip thingies on the agv's ,shoei's and such is noticebly quieter than the arai's and suomy's.But for me the arai's for fit and quality is number one.:thumbup
blur1 said:
it will be hard to tell when i'll be finished preping the newbie! :lol hopefullt it will be ready!:riding

hey you got any more pics of my old one in the pits?
Well hurry up then and finish it will ya,it'll be good to have you there with the rest of us.

I'm thinking of talking to superbike school/Phillip Island Ridedays or whatever the hell they are these days to see if they can get all the forum peoples one of the double or even triple pit garages so we can all comfortably fit,and as a bonus that way we can all laugh at how slow Mick will be around the island with out leaving the pit garage.

Yeah i got a few more pics i think mate,i'll email em to ya.....for a price:sneaky

think i've posted up all the ones that were any good and deleted the crap,but might have a few you haven't seen.
gixxerfreak said:
I'm surprised you can find any helmet to fit your fat head :p :lol

They make a special fat head size for us people with..... er,big brains?:crash
Lord_Phat said:
now you've moved into the realm of those with an active cerebrum, perhaps you can find gainful employment? :finger


that's gold Mick.:lol
gixxerfreak said:
Im surprised you could read it at all with your literacy skills (or lack of) :finger

Excuse me professor while i go and get me some ejumacation so's i can be smart like you....:butt :finger
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