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TUESDAY!!!!! Where we goin???

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Well...27 degrees,day off work..plain and simple,where we riding kiddies??

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im hoping to be up there again too. hope the local pigs arent in force though.
literman said:
i went up there yesterday (fri.) cops everywhere,highway patrol,unmarked cars....:confused:
i didnt see any when i was up. where at lee?

i was on reefton from about 4.

defo blackspur not the place to be on tuesday afternoon. friday night it was a procession of 4wd's towing a mixture of caravans and speedboats leaving the city. they all gott get back.
GO!!!!!!R6 said:
looks good , but will have to think about it ,:eek:
would go well with that '06 eric.....
dezr1 said:
so 9:30 at the ampol then? :hellobye
Im not making any plans as yet. ill more than likely be up there at some point, certainlynot healesville at 9.30, i prefer to go the other way (thru warburton) anyway
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
Doesnt look like many riding tommorow??:dunno

me probably. give me a call.
i went. didnt see u out there??

met neil at 11.30 in woori and did some camera runs.
dezr1 said:
i agree mate... any day that you miss that is good for riding is a bad thing...

as for the heat... i think you will agree heat is not really a problem once riding in the spurs where there is the shade and cool mountain air ... heck i was cold at one stage... its just the ride home through suburbia where you fry whilst waiting for lights to turn green...

thats why yesterday i decided to take the back roads, and miss out on the lights whilst staying in the shade. slightly longer, but actually quicker than going the highway. i took the road opposite the ampol in healesville which goes out thru toolangi to melba hwy, then up to kinglake, back down thru eltham and into the city. first traffic light i saw was in eltham, and from there to my house is about 15 mins.

but also great roads. now the kinglke - s andrews rd is resurfaced it was quite fun, albeit very narrow,
ok 15-20 mins i was close to the speed limits the whole way, i come off at chandler hwy anyway.
saturday is looking like the pick of the days at this stage for me.
1 - 9 of 128 Posts
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