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TUESDAY!!!!! Where we goin???

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Well...27 degrees,day off work..plain and simple,where we riding kiddies??

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dont know about you ladies but i will be playing on the black spur and the reefton :crash
blur1 said:
looks good , but will have to think about it ,:eek:
repsol_movistar said:
sorry to let everyone down here but the official release will NOT be looking like that, that is yet another colin edwards replica, and the production model is gonna look like THIS :ugh looks to giberpoo to me :ugh

:rant :rant not fair
gixxerfreak said:
pffttt think not,Monday saw f$%k all cars at the Spur till late afternoon and bugger all at Reefton,not to mention it was at least 5 degrees cooler :fact Oh yeah,didnt see a single copper either:p So apparently it was you who missed out bigtime :finger :lol

It was one awsome day , had lots of fun riding with paul and his boy frend mick
as for doing the spur on week days , while ever one is at work ,it is by far the best time ,no cars to get in your way
dezr1 said:
i agree mate... any day that you miss that is good for riding is a bad thing...

as for the heat... i think you will agree heat is not really a problem once riding in the spurs where there is the shade and cool mountain air ... heck i was cold at one stage... its just the ride home through suburbia where you fry whilst waiting for lights to turn green...
:lol :lol no lights for me to wait at :hellobye
Lord_Phat said:

i'm gunna drag one of those temporary ones into your driveway :finger
no no you lot can keep your lights

evilhermit said:
Umm sorry to be ignorant but where are these "spurs" that you guys keep riding?
:confused: ? how long have you been riding for

the black spur is just pasted Healesville , you sould just start with this one and leave the reefton spur for a while , as it is a much harder road to ride
Lord_Phat said:
pfft, it's only 200+ blind corners, it's a road you should learn on :rock

would you like some help
evilhermit said:
oh... i ride everyday for 1.5 years but only in inner melbourne nothing else really...

might try the black spurs sometime..is that like Koo Wee Rup road ? i'm trying to figure out where it is on the melway looking at P.284 atm....:eek:
no not koo wee rup road , the black spur is part of the Maroondah hwy and is just pasted healesville
uMerW said:
Its by far the most easily accessible, closest and MOST FUN road to ride for Melbourne riders :rock

The road is clean, tarmac is almost new and is utmost fun to ride almost orgasmic in a strictly non-gay way :p

almost orgasmic in a strictly non-gay way ,

what are you saying here , does riding your bike make you have orgasm's , mate if so you need help :lol
evilhermit said:
shoot thats far away...i grew up in hk and anything more than 100 km's away is far far far away...

I need to go with someone ... when are you guys going next ? and what time of the day do you guys usually go? and this black spur, its basically just a section of the Maroodah Hwy right?
melbounre to healesville is 70 kms so its not to far , and yes is a part of the maroodah hwy

1.5 years all in the city thats:scared :scared come out into the real world and have some fun :riding
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
Then what on earth are you doing trodding up and down there on your bike grandpa:crash

:lol :lol

Have been up and down it about 1/2 dozen times now,and havent really enjoyed it that much..maybe next time I should spend more time up there instead of Healsville :dunno

i may be old and slow but not that old you could call me grandpa:rant
uMerW said:
I know i do need help but LP seems pretty busy lately ... hes completely booked out till christmas :(
that sad but maybe he could help you out after that:D :yesnod
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
Dont get grumpy..its time for your afternoon nap Eric:sleep

Buahahaha:lol :lol


PS:I know youre going to kick my butt next time we're down Reefton way aswell..:2bitchsla
so you dont even need to be told :sneaky
Ozzy_R1_demon said:
After having you zoom past me several times at Reefton,I learnt my lesson some time ago:2bitchsla


if i have zoom past several times you know i am old and slow :makeout
G'day guys newbie to this forum:)
The rides you guys talk about to the spurs
sounds intresting.
wouldn't mind tagging along 1 day.:D
welcome newbie
Lord_Phat said:
not from someone old and slow :fact
only tyring to be helpfull:makeout
Lord_Phat said:
i know love... i learnt a bunch following john through the black spur...

i think the skinny poof and i might make it out there tomorrow arvo, you keen? :D
sorry have to work maybe on friday , saturday sunday
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