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signals do not work. rear signals light up dimly and not all LED's are lit.

right side headlight sometimes turns off when turning front wheel left to right, i have to shake/ move the wire around and it'll turn back on

on the headlight wiring harness, the black ground wire is spliced into the ground wire of the white connector it goes do. i pulled apart the connector and found that the pin was burnt, so i'm guessing the owner did this as a cheap fix


the turn signals used to work. when i first got the bike. then as i fixed one problem, another arised.

at first, the right side signals wouldnt work at all

then no signals would work whatsoever

i replaced the battery on christmas day, the rear signals worked but flashed really fast (like strobing light territory).

and then the day after, the problem i said above is what i'm dealing with now.

turn signal handle bar switch works. when i activate left or right, fronts dont light up, but the rears do accordingly but half the LEDs arent lit and it's real dim.

signal fuse is still good (along with all the other fuses)

is my relay bad? do i need a new headlight harness? or should i just drop my money to replace the whole wiring harness and take preliminary measures to help prevent any other electrical problems happening again (like using dielectric grease in the connectors)
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