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Waiting for the 04 to arrive and surfing the web. Saw that 2 bros has a dyno showing a 4.1 hp increase at peak.

Which leads me to more questions.

Is the stock exhaust fairly restrictive? could it be modified?

When performing Dyno runs; if you change tire pressure or something irrelevant, will that change peak HP?

What about the ram air. What kind of air pressure does the air box see at 3rd gear, 11500 rpm.

Reading this forum, most people seem to think the 04 has enough HP. I personally want a touch more. I live and ride at altitude. I will be taking the 04 to bandimere to see what it will do in the 1/4 mile with my fat ass on it. Plus I'll go drag my knee(bike will be stupid fast in stock form) at second creek. Just curious to here from experienced Dyno people.
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