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whats up guys!

I have two questions i need help with. One question is does anyone know where to get a drop link for an r6, i need to lower it for a buddy of mine and I don't know where to get one.

My next question is has any one used a graves exhaust on thier r1. I am trying to decide between an full ti akrapovic (which i had on my 01 R1) or a full ti graves exhaust. how does a graves look, sound, or how is the quality? I have noticed the graves has a much rougher look than the akra.

Thanks in advance guys!:thumbup

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My friend has a Grave Full Ti on his R6... It's really nice... Quality and build is outstanding... It's not too loud, but it sounds sweet. Considering it for my R1, cuz the Silver/Black seems to go well... Here's a pic... In the picture, the exhaust can and holder were the wrong ones... Somehow, the shop ordered it up wrong... So we took another holder and some cable ties to secure it. The right one actually fits higher and closer to the bike...


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