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Ultimate Hid

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i have decided to include HID in my winter mods. I want to put in the baddest, brightest lights i can.(A deer made up my mind last summer) I want to do it absolutely all out and perfect the first time, so any info would be amazing. Also, thank you for all the advice on my last thread and all pms. I picked up a Graves Ti slip-on and it's incredible, so thanks to all who suggested it. my questions are as follows:

1. the headlight itself. is the stock light housing good enough or is there a better aftermarket option?

2. the HID itself. what kind to get, as specific as possible-obviously besides slim ballasts...i want MMAXXIMUMM bang, not going for pretty colors and sex appeal. i want my own sun in the dark.

3. set-up. any general tips would be amazing. i also want to retain both sides on at all times--not sure if that will always be the case. THANK YOU in adavce for all help!!!!!!
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yellow works better than white imo. I might be wrong but someone correct me if I am wrong.

Look at the Le Mans cars, with yellow you see everything.
See r71s bike. He has a setup out of a BMW. Very bright projector system. And legal - most aftermarket HID systems are illegal on the street now (not DOT approved).
6000k from A&R Motorsport
I installed them on my bike last friday, simply badass:fork
lol i wont do it... one my friend has hid and melt hes projecter houseing and melt the wire too... cost him 2500 to replace them... so what i did i put hyper white & my friend did the same way one with yellow and one wih hyper white....
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