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Subject: Escort for Support

Some of you may have heard the radio this morning on country 99.7. A 7
old boy named Dillon *sp, has recently come out of a coma. He has been

The Kluge Re-Hab since 8/22/03. During his comatose state the only sound
seemed to respond to was that of a motorcycle. Since his coming out

of this state he still holds a joy & fascination for motorcycles.
99.7 is asking that all those who ride or if you know someone who does

out and rally around this young man and give him an escort home. This is
a charity ride nor does it cost anything to participate. This is to

show moral and physical support to a young man who holds such a
to something we love doing..........RIDE!

WHERE: Kluge Re-Hab, Ivy Rd., Charlottesville (Right next door
UVA PD where we form for the Special Olympics Ride)

WHEN : Sunday, February 29th

TIME : Departure 1:30 pm

Additional details: Dillon lives in Natural Bridge and the expectation
is to
leave from the Kluge Center at 1:30 and anticipate

arrival in Natural Bridge around 3:30. Sunday, as some of you may have
heard, is expected to be a PERFECT day for riding and

dusting the cobwebs off the bikes and our brains. Highs to be in the
mid-60's and no prediction of rain.

Let's make this a day Dillon will remember for the rest of his life
which we
pray will be for a LONG LONG time!

Carol S. Townsend
Forensic Technician Officer
Albemarle County Police Department
401 McIntire Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Office : (434) 972-4076
e-mail: [email protected]
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