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Valve Maintenance - Opinions Wanted

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The question is; How often do you really need to inspect your valves? Does it depend on how your ride?

The reason I ask is that it takes a full day to disasemble the bike to get to the valves. If adjustment is needed it takes more time to add new pads and get it right. If I need to mek an adjustment, then it's worth it. If not, I worry that I'm gonna make a mistake that will cost me money and time I don't have.

So what's good? 20K miles? 40k miles? I'm at 75K and I've had them checked at 20K and re-worked at 50K. Wouldn't I notice in egine performance if the valves need adjustment? Would it effect cold starts primarily? would fuel efficiency suffer? FYI i"ve been getting around 45mpg when I ride closer to the speed limit. I even got 50 mpg one or two weeks. What does everyone else get?

Please share you thoughts about engine valve maintenance.

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I'm usually averaging around 35 mpg. My fuel light comes on around 125-135 miles on a tank depending on how I'm riding. I wish I got 45 mpg. lol
The question is; How often do you really need to inspect your valves? Does it depend on how your ride?
The service manual says every 26600 miles. Which seems like a very random number when the oil etc service is 4000 miles.

I have been doing mine every 24k miles (so only 3 times so far) and the bike still seems happy :)
My bike has almost 50k miles and I haven't had this done. The shop wants to charge me $450 to do it. Is that a reasonable quote? How difficult is it to do yourself?
Wasn't too bad. Kind of fun actually.

I started with a quote from mechanic of actually $1,300. But that was for entire tune up and bike review since bike was at 77K miles or so. Besides I had already done many parts of the service requirements, brakes, air filter, plugs, and I had built my own Manometer for the throttle body sync. Oil change would come after the valve adjustment. The only thing I couldn't do was cylinder compression check. I was too cheep to buy the measuring unit.

The labour to dissasemble and reassemble took more time and effort than the measurements and changing valve pads. I spent a full day on it. I was amazed by the significant power delivery improvement which may have been driven by throttle body sync. Engine is incredibly smooth now as well. Bottom line, I spent less than $150 in parts and a Saturday morning to night of my time. One word of advice. Order new valve cover gasket and valve pads in advance to save some time. You can get a set of valve pads online for about $60 - $80.

In my opinion, well worth my time and money. However I did already own the tools necessary and I enjoy my garage time.
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Im at 22k and havent done it yet. A shop in Miami quoted me 300 but my neighbor said we could do it together for like 100 plus parts lmao So ill wait for that.
U should be able to tell once ur valves need adjusting, many symptoms will arise; bad idle, hard starts, power decrease etc
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