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kickin' at the darkness
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thanks for posting a much better video.. the earlier ones did not help at all.

i hear absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.. perfectly normal, thats how an 09-14 engine sounds, and yes the tick is
there along with rattling from other sources. the clutch damper springs are probably a little loose so you can hear clutch
rattle more. thats all :dunno

i figured the camera movement may have more to do with noises other than the bike.

as posted OP because you 'hear' what you think is wrong at a specific moment then you're trying to 'bring it out'
for the rest of us. Believe me, we dont need to hear the constant revving and rpm falling to hear what we are listening
for. :no

we know what these bikes sound like, just simply let it sit there for a while for others to hear it properly. :D

it really isnt that tough, i know you believe revving it makes it 'clearer'.. it does not :no :lol

Plus it just developed after my most recent oil and coolant flush, which is why it concerns me.
ohh for FVCK sakes, you should have started with that bit!

yes this is perfectly normal... old shitty oil slushing round masks a lot of these sounds and some folks
dont always put the exact same amount of oil that was in there the last time around. Specially the clutch
noises can change depending on oil type, quantity etc.

i've mentioned this in the past on here, i've noticed it myself but then i do put a shit tonne of miles
on my bikes so i do a lot of oil changes. Maybe thats the only difference. :dunno

i dont hear a thing wrong, at all.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts