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Vectrix has unveiled its Electric Superbike the rMOTO electric motorcycle at the Milan Motorcycle Show. This unveiling has come after several years of waiting with appearances in Gizmag, the Kneeslider, GQ, and this sites interview with Rob Brady from design studio Robrady Design to create this highly coveted concept. The Milan Motorcycle Show is being used as the big platform event to reach the public eye as well as posting videos of the unveiling on youtube.com . MotorcycleNews.com has all 28 bikes available from the show so checkout a copy now. Expect to hear more from other news avenues as other sources start taking notice. Also expect ElectricMotorcycles.net to follow up with Rob Brady about expected features and performance points.

In the meantime, analyzing the available video footage reveals that some elements of the Vectrix scooter are being utilized from the regen braking/throttle design and handgrips as well as maintaining the original design concepts of the rMOTO as drawn by Robrady. The expected speed is 125mph.

Vectrix is taking orders with deposit for the prototype. After receiving 500 orders, it is announced that Vectrix will begin production.




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