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How's it going guys? Looking to learn a bit about the wonderful bike that is the 2015 R1 and MAYBE move up to one.

A bit of background on me. I've been riding street bikes since I was 18 (26 now) and dirt riding for a good bit before that. Current bike is a 2006 Warrior 1700 that I've had since I was 20. Ridden various other bikes as well (other cruisers and 600 sport bikes multiple times).

Well for some reason lately the r1 has caught my eye and peaked my interest. I think partly because I am wanting a lighter more nimble bike than my Warrior, and partly because I think it looks so much better than all the other liter bikes.

Now my problem with wanting something lighter and more nimble is I don't fit comfortably on any 600 I've ridden. I'm 6' 240lbs.

I understand there are naked bikes I'd probably fit great on, but my problem with them is everything you read basically says they are wheelie machines. Which I DONT want.

So I guess my question is if any of you guys are of similar size how well do you fit, and just how wheelie prone is the r1 with all of its electronics? Would the latest R1 give me the comfort and help to control and learn wheelies? Currently they scare me, call me a chicken.

I hate to admit it but where I live it's fairly flat and mostly long sweeping curves. Definitely not anything that would allow me to use the r1 to its full potential (hell I won't even pretend I could). But it's such a great looking bike I want one SOOO bad. Obviously I'm a big boy, and understand completely and can take the advice of having no business being on it if that's the way it is, without getting butt hurt.

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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