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Just thought i'd ask you guys,and girls what REALLY has to be done on your first service at 1000 kms ?. I Just had my bike serviced last weekend at 1200 kms and the service manager was giving me the gears that if i don't have my carbs synched at the same time i change the oil and filter that it could void my warranty. I didn't have time to get carbs done so i left there with just my oil and filter changed ( 100 dollars later ). Now i'm concerned if anything goes wrong with the engine, i'm going to at fault!!!.
Now, when i get the valves adjusted at 7000kms i figured do the carbs at the same time, right ?.
What is the proper thing for me to do if you were in my shoes at this time ?. Or i was just going to call Yamaha Canada and talk to them and see if dealer is just trying to make a little extra money off of me and trying sell an unnessesary service.
I'm new at this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.:jump

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He's blowing smoke up your ass. The dealer has to prove that what you have or have not done is the reason for your warranty repair. Does the manual say that synching the carbs is required at 1000KM? If not, don't worry about it.
Here in the states we have a government agency called the Federal trade Commision. they would have a field day with a dealer that made that statement.
I deal with warranty issues every day, and i know for a fact that a dealer cannot "blackmail" you into getting work done. What would his answer be if you told him that you did it yourself?
I would worry about what the FACTORY(check your owners manual) requires for maintenance, and tell the dealer to blow!!

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Change the oil yourself, check the cables, and you're good to go. Keep the receipts for the oil and filter to prove you did the first service. The manual says you don't have to have a yamaha dealer do the maintenance if you're competent enough to do it yourself. Yamaha will take care of you on legit warranty claims, you just need to find a good dealer. Either your dealer is trying to sell you service you don't need or doesn't understand sportbikes very well. In either case I'd find a new service shop.
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