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Carbon Sport
Melbourne, Australia
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This is nothing personal against the guy, as he came thought in the end. It's just that he took his bloody time to do it.

Just before 5 September 2002, I ordered some flush mount indicators and some grips for my R1. Nothing flash, a week later the grips turned up and the flush mounts were on back order. Cool, no problem.

Since the parts were coming in from the U.S. I expected a wait from them to be back in stock and then to be sent out.

A few emails were exchanged a they were still on there way.

3rd of Feb 2003 I wanted to know what was happening as the parts had left the U.S weeks ago.

I was told I would get an email from carbon sports, with the date that there going to be here. Oh and sorry for the delay.

25th Feb 2003, STILL WAITING FOR MY PARTS!!!, I never got the email telling me when the parts would be here.

By this time I have ordered and received a pair of flush mounts from the U.S and have them installed on my bike (week from ordering to having them in my hand).

19th March 2003, he just wanted to touch base to tell me and let you know I have not been able to track down your indicators. If you would like a refund please shoot me your bank details and I will transfer the money into your account. please let me know if you need any more info. cheers

At this point I should have asked for a refund.

3 April 2003 - But no, stupid me checks out his site, frame sliders mmm I could do with a pair of them. So I organise to get a pair of them instead of my indicators or a refund. Quote " Just wanted to let you know the frame sliders have been ordered and will be sent out today.cheers Russell"

14 April 2003 - Those parts still haven't turned up, were they sending them to you or directly to me.
23 April 2003 - I have still not heard what has happened to the oggies that were supposed to be on there way to you, might be best for me to just refund you money and put this saga behind us.

28 April 2003 - I am trying to figure out this order, I have no idea what the guys are doing I have given them until Wednesday to get back to me. If I don't here from them I will pop you refund in on Thursday. cheers Russell

7 May 2003 - exchange of emails again, no parts and no refund

14 May 2003 - exchange of emails again, no parts and no refund

20 May 2003 - exchange of emails again, no parts and no refund

4 June 2003 - apparently I need to wait till he gets payed so he can transfer the refund to my account

6 June 2003 - apparently he transferred the money into the wrong account ??? and he needs to wait till the bank transfers the money back into his account???

12 June 2003 - When you have deposited my refund could you please email me the receipt number.

23 June 2003 - still waiting for refund ( how hard is it to walk into a bank and deposit money into an account????

9 July 2003 - The refund details below. Sorry it took so long to process. cheers Russell

10 July 2003 - I have to wait till the electronic transfer is complete to see it in my account, to see if I really do have a refund.

16 July 2003 - still no money in my account, transfer was bogus.

18 July 2003 - he assured me he was sending a cheque

28 July 2003 - still no cheque in the mail

05 August 2003 - still no cheque in the mail

14 August 2003 - still no cheque in the mail, he said he will send it TODAY via registered mail

22 August 2003 - still no cheque in the mail

10 September 2003 - posted hard copy of emails and receipt to consumer protection.

08 October 2003 - I finally got the personal cheque and it, cleared. So I now have my refund. I dont know if consumer protection got in touch with him during the last month or not.

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