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Warning: check those clip-on bolts

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Let this be another warning for everyone with an 02 R1 to re-check your clip-on bolts. I've got 350 miles on my bike and I noticed last night that one of the two clip-on bolts on the right side had fallen out and the second one was loose! When I first got the bike I had visually inspected those bolts and made sure they were at least finger tight based on a warning I read in this forum. Now I will be going over every damn fastener on the bike.

Oh yeah, and just a note about the mirrors. When I first got the bike I couldn't believe how much the mirrors shook and vibrated at idle. It was like a freaking Harley. Turns out my dealer had installed the rubber gasket on the outside of the fairing under the mirrors instead of between the underside of the fairing and bracket - dumbass. Who knows what else those morons screwed up.
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My mirrors shake really bad too I may need to check that. Thanks.
yup mine too! Its a good thing I don't have have a life and just read these threads:yesnod

Thanks for the headsup... I just checked my bike out, and realize that all of the turn signals, AND the license plate/rear fender thing had all fallen off!!! I was like "WTF?!?".

I'm going to go through and check everythign out really close now. Thanks for the headsup.

Add me to the list as well. I am getting my PCIIIr tomorrow via Fedex so I took of the seats and the hex bolt securing the gas tank to see where everything was located in case I had to call tech support. Seems like it is going to be a piece of cake to install by the way.

I looked at the right side fo the bike and just like Stealth I was missing one bolt on my clip-on (top one) and the other was so lose that I think it only took a few turns for it to come comepletly off. The left side was still all tight.

Everyone with 02's make sure to check!!!! Anyone else had this problem?!?
Thanks for the heads up. This is really becoming all too common place... and we continue to pay outrageous PDI and other costs. :mad:
Add me to the list

Yep, I rode my bike for the first long ride this weekend, and when I got about 50 miles(the bike only has 100 miles) from home, my right clip on was loose!!:mad: I looked, and both bolts were gone. I had to remove one from the left side to put in the right. The left side bolts were friggin tight though!! i am doing a complet bolt check tomorrow.
Sorry, but i am french canadian....What are clip-on bolts ? Where are they located ??

CoolMike said:
Sorry, but i am french canadian....What are clip-on bolts ? Where are they located ??

:hellobye Your "clip-ons" are there instead of your handlebars , for steering the bike ,and they clip on to your shocks...What are shocks ...the thing your wheels are attached to...:p
you know i would hate to say i told you to check them clip-ons about a month ago when it happen to me and i posted it....:p "I TOLD YA SOOOOO !!!!!!!":lol That's it never listen...just like your mom says:thumbup .....mine was also the right side,but i lost both of them...noticed when i came down from a 2nd gear wheeliew/70 miles on the clock;)
Krazy, I will never doubt you again.. :cool:
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