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Let this be another warning for everyone with an 02 R1 to re-check your clip-on bolts. I've got 350 miles on my bike and I noticed last night that one of the two clip-on bolts on the right side had fallen out and the second one was loose! When I first got the bike I had visually inspected those bolts and made sure they were at least finger tight based on a warning I read in this forum. Now I will be going over every damn fastener on the bike.

Oh yeah, and just a note about the mirrors. When I first got the bike I couldn't believe how much the mirrors shook and vibrated at idle. It was like a freaking Harley. Turns out my dealer had installed the rubber gasket on the outside of the fairing under the mirrors instead of between the underside of the fairing and bracket - dumbass. Who knows what else those morons screwed up.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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