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We have been getting notices from DORNA SPORTS, S.L., rightholder of the copyright on such protected works
of the MotoGP asking us not to post or promote any of there content and further messages THREATENING to sue our site for links of videos involving:


Dorna has told us these videos stemming from motoGP.com 's website are copyrighted and that they don't wish them distributed.

I've asked dorna to block this content from distribution and they must not be able to because they want us to spend thousands of dollars and time developing blocking filter for our site when it should be there responsibility to insure the integrity of there work not us...! It's a shame that they don't see the 40 million plus page views coming from this site per month as promoting them but it will not happen anymore here. Please keep these links OFF our site as any content posted here is the responsibility of the poster and I don't want to see any law suits to members due to this.

Use your best judgement on posting MotoGP content here and avoid motogp.com and any support to them please!

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