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i know i have my manual somewhere, but for some reason, i can't find it.... my battery is getting really weak. can anybody give me some numbers to reference for a new battery. i called my local yam. dealer and he said $89.99 + tax.... :eek: i thought that was extrememly steep.... does that sound right? or should i go somewhere else.....

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It sounds about right. The R1 battery is a handful of money unfortunatly. Spend an extra $20-30 and get a bettery tender, they work really well.;)

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batteries can go for much longer than 2-3 years!
with the proper treatment,it can last 10-12 years.

i have a VDC electronics charger,its made to be kept on the battery 365 days a year if you want to,and they also sell one a notch better with a desulfating property.

the last one is about $40.
get one before changing battery.

for more infos on batteries,visit my site in the service section.(which page exactly,i do not remember!)
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