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I happenned again. I knew it was gonna, didn't know when, didn't know how, but I'm glad I was wearing gloves, jacket, and helmet. Wish I was wearing full leathers.

Actually, no I don't, if I wish anything (which I don't - I ****ed up, I'll take what I get) I wish it didn't happen. :p

You guessed it, I put my horsey down.
That was my first crash with this particular suzuki of mine, been down twice before but not quite at this speed. ><
Wasn't too bad. Gear is looking spiffy, but I torqued the shit out of my right wrist, and some how even though I went down on my left side (I think?!) my right knee is still bleeding. I was wearing jeans. :/

Was about 11:40pm on a new road, damp forest conditions. It's been raining the past two days, but today was real nice. I was heading back from the place of a kid I know, following a better friend of mine... ****ing woodsy ass area, wet, pine needles and leaves everywhere near the house, but a few vacant and unlit stop signs and turns later the debris cleared to the side of the road - or so it seemed. I'm still not sure what kind of patch I hit, coulda been due to moisture the car tracked infront of me (judging from where I was on the road when it happenned), but the rear spun out on my way off of a right turn stop sign, back end swung way out, regripped, and the ****er pulled some kind of ballet move. Thing ended up on its left with the front fairing stays bent in and the left side rashed up. Tail section's fine, frame's fine, bar ends and level ends scratched, windshield disjointed along the right.

My left knee is ****ing golden. The only thing I figured could have happenned is that I put down my right knee during the spin out before it regripped and threw me, but.. wow man, talk about quick. >< My other two screw-ups were both lowsides, and you don't know chaos until you get off the other way.

I guess this post makes a good argument for full gear all the time, but I wasn't exceeding the speed limit, it's simply that -I- did not ride in accordance to the conditions. There were no other cars, animals, or 'random' factors involved. I simply kept my eyes too high for following at the distance I was from my friend and didn't see critical elements. You let your guard down for a split second, and this shit can happen to you.

This post is probably way too long considering the only thing that will result is a hefty drop in resale value and a few weeks without mountain biking. I'm not angry.. I'm not sad.. I'm really pretty indifferent to the whole thing because shit happens. If anything I'm relieved that I got out as well as I did. Gloves, helmet, and jacket definitly SAVED my ASS.

Oh yeah, plus I had to drive home two miles on empty roads without a front brake. That's freaking fun.
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