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Hi, I currently live in Las Vegas, NV & am currently shopping around for a 2018 R1. I've contacted Miller's Motorsports & received a quote of 14,499. My local dealer wants 16,200. Hoping to find a dealer on the West Coast that can come close to Miller's price. Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.


P.S. I know first post, but I did become lifetime member to support this awesome forum. Been lurking for a while.

I miss my R1
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Nothing wrong with this for a first post, since you're looking for a bike... the only time you'll get sh*t on is if your first post doesn't include pictures of your bike :)

Welcome to the forum, I traded in my R1 last summer and this is still where I call home on the 'net.

(post pics of your bike when you get it to calm the masses ;)
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