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Haven't recieved my 'O2 R1 yet but I'm thinking about getting a MIG slip-on for the bike. Just wondering what you guys know about these exhausts? I've never heard one in person but they look good and seem to be built well. Any input?

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This is what mine looks like

I have some "Getaway Valencia" on tape (or a friend got it.. so he's going to edit that stuff) and on that video you'll hear what the pipe sounds like.

My pipe seem to rassle/make some kind of hi-pitch noise. I think i have to just tighten up some bolts.

Alright.. the sun is looking at me. gotta head out for a quick spin now.

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check out devil hi mount

The only hi mount I've seen so far that's even out for the 02 is the Devil. The cost 500 plus 45 for shipping, but I put together a great group buy for all of us here at R1 forum with devil - the deal is 450 bottom line, no tax and shipping is free - this is for the SB2 carbon hi mount - they sound fantastic, right along the lines of the microns (I use micron as well, and I decided to buy the devil) and similar to the 2 bros - basically it takes th best of both pipes - deep mean and throaty like the micron and louder and deep tone like the 2 bros, plus they look sweet, they're made very very well and they add around 4 HP, which is good - I mean with a slip-on you can't expect the world - 4 hp is fine with me, and I'll be posting a dyno shortly.

beware of all the hi-mounts - many have extreme angles and turns in the intermdiate pipe and this causes you to sacrifice some of your power gains - the devil has a very smooth intermediate pipe for a hi mount
(check the pics)

call up Rob at 732-254-3008, he will hook you up with a great deal - and the discount is not just for the SB2 carbon, he has a ton of other cans and options to choose from. We already have alot of people in from both this board and from my riders group - Rob is extremely cool and will hook you up. Most importantly, the devil pipes are not sold all over (only through Devil themselves) and therefore they are NOT COMMON- which is why I bought mine. Since it's a group order, we will get priority and get the pipes first - most hi mounts won't even be out until late arpil....TRUST ME, I've been on the phone with Micron for 3 weeks!
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No Way Jose

juttsr1 said:
do you people who own mig pipes. does your right heel hit the pipe when your sitting on the bike? i just ordered a mig, ill get it next month. :D

Hey Jutts, ur heel does not touch the pipe unles u want it to. I'm a size 11 in shoes and my heel never touches unless i'm try'n 2 C how much room I have. And also, ur Mig should come with a carbon fiber heel plate near where ur heel will B when u ride.

Swedie, did u remove ur heel plate on ur pipe, or did it not come installed?

Canr1, I vaguely c a heel plate on urs, or am I hallucianting?

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